Desalination Plants

At Grupo PPA, through our PPA DESAL brand, we design, manufacture and market desalination equipment and systems. Next, we invite you to know our PPA DESAL products for the desalination sector:

Seawater intake and discharge pipes

We manufacture large-diameter HDPE pipes for seawater outfalls and brine outfalls. From DN800 to DN4000, we manufacture structured/solid HDPE pipes 100% in anticorrosive plastic materials.

Conducciones de toma y vertido de agua de mar
Seawater intake and discharge pipes

More than 40 international projects executed: design of underwater pipelines, manufacturing of pipes and special accessories, welding and supervision services, etc..

Calcite filters and CO2 dissolvers

We design and manufacture equipment for the remineralization of permeate water from the reverse osmosis (RO) system.

Scope of supply and services:

  • Engineering
  • Design and manufacture of vertical flow calcite filters for remineralization of permeate water
  • Compact remineralization units up to DN3000
  • Internals for cells manufactured by civil works on site
  • CO2 dissolvers

Horizontal and vertical cartridge filters in FRP

We design, manufacture and market cartridge filters for the treatment of salinized agras in FRP material, both horizontally and vertically, with conventional or high-flow filter cartridges.

Filtro de cartuchos horizontal
Horizontal cartridge filter
Filtros de cartuchos verticales
Vertical cartridge filters

Osmosis prefabricated racks

Our prefabricated Osmosis racks with pressure vessels, samplers and distribution headers have their own optimized design and are specially designed to be shipped to the site in a standard container.

Bastidores de Osmosis
Osmosis Racks

All our racks are assembled and tested in the factory before being sent to the construction site.

Dosing and instrumentation panels

Within our PPA TUBE range for the dosing, loading and sampling of aggressive and dangerous chemical products, we have Dosing Panels and Instrumentation Panels made to measure, adaptable to any type of pump or accessories on the market.

Complying with the strictest safety requirements, we manufacture panels compatible with any type of fluid, adaptable to any electrical panel for connection to equipment.

Paneles de dosificación de reactivos y de instrumentación
Reagent dosing and instrumentation panels

Chemical Products Storage Tanks

We design and manufacture HDPE storage tanks (PE-100 and PP) by helical extrusion in single and double walls. One to offer a reliable, safe and high-quality solution in its construction.

Tanques para reactivos
Chemical Products Storage Tanks

Modular Desalination Units

Throughout our history as a manufacturer of technical plastic pipes and equipment for the desalination sector, we have participated in important desalination projects (up to 600,000m3/day) in different countries around the world. In all these facilities we have detected the need for a change of focus when undertaking the mechanical work of these facilities.

Through our PPA DESAL brand, we have developed our own methodology for the design, manufacture and supply of the different parts of the desalination plant: pumping, filtration, reverse osmosis, remineralization, etc.

Diseño de planta desaladora prefabricada en módulos
Design of prefabricated desalination plant in modules