HDPE tanks

We have been designing and manufacturing HDPE and PP storage tanks for more than 40 years for companies that manufacture chemical products, warehouses, distributors, water treatment plants (WWTP, ETAP), etc.

Next, we invite you to discover our range of solutions for HDPE Tanks:

How do we manufacture our HDPE tanks?

We manufacture our PPA TANK tanks and accessories using helical extrusion technology in the manufacture of hulks to offer a reliable, safe and high-quality construction solution

This technology consists of the helical extrusion of HDPE or PP material on a steel mold that allows the construction of ferrules without welding. This makes our HDPE tanks more reliable and robust.

The combination of the translational movement of the extruder head with the rotational movement of the mold generates a helix of material that covers the surface of the mold.

The system is fully customizable and allows the extrusion of solid walls of any thickness, as well as reinforced walls with lightened sections. In the case of vertical tanks, we can also manufacture shells with variable thickness.

grafico pared tanque PEAD
HDPE tank wall graphic

“We can extrude solid walls of any thickness and, in the case of vertical tanks, we can also manufacture shells with variable thickness”

The use of these lightened sections allows obtaining ferrules with high inertia and low weight, suitable for use in equipment subjected to vacuum or in horizontal and buried tanks. In addition, this system also allows the construction of fully monolithic double-wall ferrules (one piece).

As an additional advantage, the integrated co-extrusion system together with the main extruder allows the extrusion of homogeneous walls of two materials (weldable together), to improve visibility inside the tank (in the case of using a clear material inside) or add an inner lining with electro-conductive material.

pared tanque PEAD
HDPE tank wall

The different components of the tank are assembled and joined together by extrusion welding.

In horizontal and buried tanks, we reinforce the lateral bottoms with brackets of the same material.

Gráfico tanques horizontales PEAD
PEAD horizontal tanks chart

Types of HDPE Tanks available

The PPA TANK tanks, built in HDPE and PP, are designed according to the DVS 2205 standard. The use of specific calculation software allows us to offer a quick and efficient response to any design variation.

In the case of buried tanks or reservoirs, their design is carried out according to the ATV 127 standard for the calculation of burial forces.

We manufacture our PPA TANK tanks tailored to the needs of our customers and with different configuration possibilities

Deposito cónico
Conical tank
Deposito de doble pared
Double wall tank
Deposito con fondo inclinado
Sloped bottom
Deposito con forma
Shaped deposit
Deposito con tapa plana
Tank with flat lid
Doble fondo pared virola rectángulo-circulo
Double bottom and double wall
Doble fondo con doble pared virola rectángulo-circulo
Double bottom and double wall

Available diameters and capacities (from 600mm to 3,000mm)

We can manufacture our HDPE tanks in various sizes and capacities:

Range Storage tanks
Storage tank Corresponding retention basin
Volume (litres) ø Inside (mm) Useful height (mm) ø Inside (mm) Useful height (mm)
250 800 600 1200 300
300 800 700 1200 400
400 800 900 1200 600
500 800 1100 1200 800
600 800 1300 1200 1000
750 800 1600 1200 1300
1000 800 2100 1200 1800
1250 900 2000 1200 1700
1250 1000 1700 1400 1400
1500 900 2400 1200 2100
1500 1000 2000 1400 1700
1500 1200 1400 1500 1100
2000 1000 2600 1400 2300
2000 1200 1800 1500 1500
2500 1000 3200 1400 2900
2500 1200 2300 1500 2000
2500 1400 1700 1800 1400
2500 1500 1500 1800 1200
3000 1200 2700 1500 2400
3000 1400 2000 1800 1700
3000 1500 1800 1800 1500
4000 1200 3600 1500 3300
4000 1400 2700 1800 2400
4000 1500 2300 1800 2000
5000 1200 4500 1500 4200
5000 1400 3300 1800 3000
5000 1500 1900 1800 2600
6000 1800 2400 2200 2100
6000 2000 2000 2400 1700
6000 2200 1600 2600 1300
8000 1800 3200 2200 2900
8000 2000 2600 2400 2300
8000 2200 2200 2600 1900
9000 1800 3600 2200 3300
9000 2000 2900 2400 2600
9000 2200 2400 2600 2100
10000 1800 4000 2200 3700
10000 2000 3200 2400 2900
10000 2200 2700 2600 2400
10000 2400 2300 2600 2000
12500 2200 3300 2600 3000
12500 2400 2800 2600 2500
15000 2200 4000 2600 3700
15000 2400 3400 2600 3100
20000 2400 4500 2600 4200
20000 2600 3900 3000 3600
25000 2400 5600 2600 5300
25000 2600 4800 3000 4500
30000 2600 5800 3000 5500
30000 3000 4300
35000 3000 5000
40000 3000 5700

Available diameters and capacities

Examples of HDPE tank applications

Our PPA TANK deposits allow different possibilities taking advantage of the flexibility of the helical extrusion technology

HDPE vertical storage tanks with solid wall and variable thickness.

The possibility of manufacturing hulks (ferrules) of practically any thickness and varying it along its height, allows it to adapt to any design need with optimal use of the material.

Tanques PEAD de almacenamiento vertical
HDPE vertical storage tanks

The continuously non-welded wound ferrule ensures the structural integrity of the equipment.

Vertical HDPE tanks with monolithic double-wall ferrule and double bottom.

The possibility of first extruding a solid ferrule, then a structured (hollow) wall, and later, on said structured wall, another new solid ferrule, allows us to obtain a single monolithic piece.

This technology allows us to manufacture double-walled SQ tanks with an intermediate leak check chamber, thus making this type of tank meet the requirements specified in the MIE-APQ-006/007 standard for double-walled tanks, without the need for a bucket. additional retention.

Gráfico tanque PEAD abierto
Open HDPE Tank Chart

These types of tanks are suitable for resisting vacuum conditions higher than conventional ones.

Vertical HDPE tanks with retention basin (according to DVS standard).

For cases of extreme safety, PPA TANK vertical tanks can be supplied with a retention basin with a capacity for 100% of the tank’s content in case of leaks or breakage of the main container

We built two tanks of different diameter. The main tank is introduced inside the retention basin, which has a larger diameter and a smaller height.

Tanque PEAD vertical con cubeto de retención
Vertical HDPE tank with retention basin

This type of tanks, according to MIE-APQ-006/007, are recommended to handle highly corrosive and dangerous fluids. and do not require an additional retention basin.

Reactors and vertical tanks for reagent preparation.

Our PPA TANK tanks can be equipped with supports for the placement of agitators or mixers, and internal baffles to be used as reactors or mixture and reagent preparation tanks

It is also possible to condition the upper covers for the addition of solid products.

Reactores y depósitos verticales para preparación de reactivos
Reactors and vertical tanks for reagent preparation

Horizontal HDPE tanks.

Thanks to the use of structured walls in the construction of the ferrule with sufficient longitudinal inertia, we can build high-capacity horizontal tanks in thermoplastic materials.

gráfico tanques PEAD horizontales
Horizontal HDPE Tank Chart

Buried HDPE tanks

PPA TANK tanks with structured walls have an excellent weight-stiffness ratio. This makes them an excellent alternative for use as buried tanks for all kinds of applications

In addition, the use of structured walls makes these tanks double-walled with a sealing chamber, providing great reliability and safety.

Accessories and special parts for HDPE Tanks

All our PPA TANK tanks are supplied with the following openings and accessories

  • PPA manufacturer´s plate.
  • Manhole DN-500 with cover in the upper bottom.
  • Inlet nozzle of product DN-50.
  • Outlet nozzle DN-50 placed in the lower part of the shell (in double containment tanks, the outlet nozzle is placed in the upper bottom by normative).
  • Vent nozzle DN-80 in the upper bottom.
  • Nozzle for maximum level signal.
  • Nozzle DN-100 for visual level installation.
  • Nozzle DN-50 for liquid detection in the lower part of the shell, in the double walled tanks.
  • Anchorage devices a/DVS.
  • Maximum level device.
  • Liquid detection level.