Environmental deodorization

Throughout our extensive experience, at Grupo PPA, through our PPA VENT brand, we have supplied and installed more than 200 environmental deodorization systems, always complying with the most demanding quality requirements.

Types of environmental deodorization systems

Chemical environmental deodorization

Our chemical environmental deodorization systems use chemical oxidation and absorption techniques to eliminate odours.

The chemical oxidation and absorption processes take place in scrubbers, where gases laden with odours and aqueous solutions with the corresponding reagents are recirculated against the current.

This type of facility can be of two or three stages, depending on whether a process of chemical oxidation and absorption takes place simultaneously in the last stage.

The most commonly used reagents in this type of facility are: sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) for absorption, and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) for chemical oxidation.

Chemical environmental deodorization
Chemical environmental deodorization

Activated carbon environmental deodorization

The activated carbon environmental deodorization systems that we manufacture use adsorption techniques to eliminate odours. The odour particles are trapped on the surface of the activated carbon by physical trapping (this requires the regeneration or replacement of the activated carbon bed from time to time to maintain its deodorizing capacity).

Activated carbon environmental deodorization
Activated carbon environmental deodorization

PPA has developed ECAs (Compact Activated Carbon Equipment) with horizontal flow to facilitate operation and maintenance operations.

In this type of equipment, the activated carbon is arranged in cells that allow manual and simple replenishment. Its replacement is immediate, minimizing downtime in the operation of the installation.

The use of ECA PPA horizontal flow equipment guarantees a lower pressure drop and therefore greater energy efficiency.

To achieve the greatest possible durability of activated carbon in optimal conditions, filters, pre-filters and electric heaters (optional) are available that guarantee maximum efficiency in deodorization of our compact activated carbon equipment (ECA).

Additionally, when the project so requires, PPA manufactures vertical flow towers in which activated carbon is added in bulk in larger quantities. This usually results in a higher load loss of the deodorizing equipment and a lower durability of the activated carbon due to its clogging by moisture. However, in this type of installation, maintenance interventions on the activated carbon bed are carried out at longer intervals.

Environmental deodorization by biofiltration

Our biofiltration environmental deodorization systems are installations that use adsorption techniques to eliminate odours. The odour particles are trapped on the surface of the biofilter bed elements where they serve as sustenance for the microbial fauna that is inoculated into it.

As in the case of chemical deodorization and unlike activated carbon, it is a wet system. It consists of putting the air with odours saturated with humidity in contact with a fixed bed of biomass. To achieve saturation of the gas stream, a humidification tower is used before leading the air to the biofilter.

Environmental deodorization by biofiltration
Environmental deodorization by biofiltration

Biological filters can use different types of filling or biomass: organic (pine bark, coconut…), with a lower economic cost and less durability, and inorganic, with a higher economic cost and greater durability.

Environmental deodorization using trickling biofilters (biotrickling)

Biotrickling is a gas scrubbing system based on a biological reactor with a vertical scrubber that has a plastic filling. The microorganisms develop on this support and in their metabolic process they eliminate the contaminants present in the gas stream.

The efficiencies achieved in this type of process are equal to or greater than traditional chemical scrubbers, also expanding the variety of pollutants absorbed. As chemical reagents are not necessary or are necessary in a very small quantity, the operating costs are minimal and the process does not generate toxic effluents that require treatment.

Biotrickling Scrubber
Biotrickling Scrubber

Equipment for environmental deodorization manufactured by PPA VENT

Scrubbers for environmental deodorization

The PPA VENT deodorization towers eliminate contaminants with the passage of the gaseous current through the different stages (towers), thanks to the continuous recirculation of the washing solutions that contain the reagents.

The operation of these washing towers is based on the chemical absorption and oxidation of contaminants, which takes place inside them.

Gas Scrubber towers
Gas Scrubber towers

Compact Activated Carbon equipment for environmental deodorization

The PPA VENT compact activated carbon units guarantee less pressure loss and greater energy efficiency compared to other solutions on the market.

To achieve greater durability of the activated carbon, it has filters, pre-filters and electric heaters that guarantee its maximum efficiency in deodorization.

The design of the ECA PPA VENT equipment with activated carbon modules facilitates maintenance work, allowing its extraction in a simple way. In these units, the replacement of the modules by others that have already been regenerated is fast, minimizing the downtime of the installation.

Graphic compact Active Carbon equipment
Graphic compact Active Carbon equipment

Depending on the type of odours to be treated, one, two or more stages of activated carbon are introduced, which guarantees optimal efficiency of the deodorization process.

High performance centrifugal fans

PPA VENT centrifugal fans are high performance. The impeller design promotes airflow across the blades, reducing shock and eddy losses.

These fans are of two types:

  • Medium pressure series PPA-VM/RU-100 up to 1800, with efficiency of up to 87% and flow rate and maximum pressure of 200,000 m3/h and 250 mm w.c. They work with yields of 80% up to a maximum of 87%, in wide flow areas.
  • High pressure series PPA-VA/RU-100 up to 1000, with efficiency of up to 80% and flow rate and maximum pressure of 120,000 m3/h and 650 mm w.c. They work with yields from 70% to a maximum of 80%, in wide flow areas.
High performance centrifugal fans
High performance centrifugal fans

Dosing panels

PPA presents the prefabricated panels within its PPA TUBE range for the dosage, loading and sampling of aggressive and dangerous chemical products.

All accessories are integrated and mounted on a frame that only needs to be connected for commissioning (Plug&Play).

They also have safety protection against splashes in polycarbonate with high impact resistance.

Likewise, they incorporate a drip collection tray and mobile security register.

Dosing panels
Dosing panels

We have the following types of panels:

  • Load Panels
  • Sampling Panels
  • Instrumentation Panels

Ducts and accessories for ventilation

In our range of PPA VENT accessories, we also have:

  • Ducts: PPA VENT manufactures PP ducts from 800mm to 3,000mm in diameter for gas collection.
  • Butterfly valves for ventilation: PPA VENT butterfly valves regulate the flow of air in a duct and are made of anticorrosive materials that allow their use in ventilation installations that carry aggressive gases and fluids.
  • Anti-vibration sleeves for ventilation: PPA VENT anti-vibration sleeves are made of anti-corrosive materials, allowing their use in ventilation installations that carry aggressive gases and fluids. Its flanged construction prevents leaks in the connections with other elements of the ventilation installation. Likewise, they are provided with anti-collapse rings that prevent deformations in their use with high temperatures and negative pressures. They are manufactured according to the operating needs of each installation.
  • Tubular silencers for ventilation: PPA VENT tubular silencers are designed to be mounted in industrial installations in corrosive environments. Its design achieves a high degree of noise attenuation at low frequencies with minimal load losses. This helps to ensure that PPA ventilation installations have a lower noise level than that required by current regulations. The construction entirely in anticorrosive plastic materials, allows its use in aggressive environments and makes it suitable for ventilation installations that carry corrosive fluids.

Examples of application of environmental deodorization systems

Next, we invite you to learn about some successful cases of the application of our environmental deodorization systems: