High Performance Process Equipments

Process Equipment

At PPA PEQ we design, manufacture, and install high performance process equipment and facilities such as: Pickling and electrodeposition tanks, process tanks, reactors and special fittings.

Some process equipment manufactured by PPA PEQ are:

Pickling and electrodeposition tanks

Pickling and electrodeposition tanks made of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.

Cubas de decapado y electrodeposición
Pickling and electrodeposition tanks

Reservoirs, reactors and process tanks

Tanks, reactors and process tanks made of different materials according to each application: Thermosetting materials with a thermosetting chemical barrier, Thermosetting materials with a chemical barrier in thermoplastics (PVDF, PP, PVC, ECTFE, PCA, FEP, etc.)

Depósitos, reactores y tanques de proceso
Reservoirs, reactors and process tanks

Custom parts and accessories

Special pieces tailored to each project: chimneys, covers, hoppers, grills for seawater intakes, etc.