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HDPE Large Diameter
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Large diameter HDPE pipes

We are manufacturers of large-diameter HDPE piping systems for projects, both on land (sewage, discharge pools, low-pressure irrigation, in-line stormwater tanks, leachate collection), and marine (seawater collection and discharge pipes of desalination plants, power plants, water treatment plants, rainwater spillways, etc.).

Next, we invite you to learn about our solutions for large-diameter HDPE piping systems:

How do we manufacture our HDPE pipes?

We manufacture our PPA&KRAH pipes and fittings using helical extrusion technology, in accordance with the guidelines of DIN 16961 “Thermoplastic pipes and fittings with profiled outer and smooth inner surfaces”.

The combination of the translational movement of the extruder head, with the rotational movement of the mold, generates a helix of material that covers the surface of the mold (the steel mold on which the pipe is manufactured defines the internal diameter of the PPA&KRAH pipes)

Tecnología de extrusión helicoidal sobre molde
Helical extrusion technology on mold

The helical extrusion system on a mold allows the extrusion of solid walls of any thickness, with the possibility of reinforcing them by means of internal or external lightened sections.

“All pipes and accessories incorporate socket-spigot ends, with the possibility of mounting other ends on demand (flanged, flat and combinations)”

The socket is formed in the manufacturing process on the mold. The tapered spigot end is machined in a post-extrusion step after the pipe has cooled.

“The pipes are manufactured in one piece”

The integrated co-extrusion system, together with the main extruder, allows the extrusion of homogeneous walls of black PE100 and yellow PE100, giving the possibility of improving visibility inside the pipes. Co-extrusion also allows the homogeneous extrusion of PE walls with internal linings of electro-conductive material.

Proceso de extrusión helicoidal sobre molde
Helical extrusion process on mold

Polyethylene 100 (PE100), the material we work with

The PE100 with which we manufacture our HDPE pipes was specially developed for the extrusion of large-diameter pipes, for transporting drinking water and gas, due to its better mechanical characteristics.

One of the main advantages of using PE100 for the manufacture of HDPE pipes is its superior weldability compared to other thermoplastics.

PE100 also contains antioxidant to protect it from thermal degradation, and incorporates 2.25 ± 0.25% dispersed and divided carbon black to prevent the degrading action of UV radiation from the sun.

We also manufacture pipes and accessories for special applications, both in polyethylene PE80 and polyethylene PE-el, as well as in polypropylene PP, polypropylene PP-R, polypropylene PP-B, and polypropylene PP-s)

Polietileno 100 (PE100)
Polyethylene 100 (PE100)

The Polyethylene 100 that we use in PPA&KRAH, meets the requirements of the UNE EN 12201 standard, with the name of PE100.

Types of HDPE pipes available

The PPA&KRAH piping system has one of its main advantages in the possibility of manufacturing the optimal solution from the structural and therefore economic point of view, for each particular case

The optimization of the pipe is achieved by manufacturing the required solid thicknesses, combined with helical structured reinforcements (lightened sections), which increase rigidity while keeping the internal diameter unchanged.

The combination of solid thicknesses and structured profiles is studied for each particular working condition, providing the pipe wall with the necessary balance to withstand the loads to which it will be subjected during transport, storage, installation and operation.

The basic typologies of the walls of the pipes, accessories and special pieces are grouped into the 4 families that we describe below:

Solid profile HDPE pipes (VW)

Solid profile HDPE pipes (VW) have the following main characteristics:

  • Solid walls without lightened section with thicknesses from 5mm to 300mm. Mainly used for the manufacture of accessories and special parts.
  • Possibility of manufacturing the required thickness without having to adapt to standard thicknesses.
  • Possibility of manufacturing VW walls with variable thicknesses, especially suitable for storage tanks.
  • Possibility of manufacturing bars for machining special parts without welding.
Solid profile HDPE pipes (VW)

HDPE pipes with helical corrugated profile (PR)

Helical corrugated profile (PR) HDPE pipes have the following main characteristics:

  • Solid walls of variable thickness (from 5 mm to 100 mm) and an external helical reinforcement of variable diameter, pitch and thickness.
  • They constitute the lightest range of pipes, with a smooth inner surface and a helical corrugated outer surface.
  • With main application in pipes with wall moment of inertia ranges from 1000mm4/mm to 25,000mm4/mm.
  • The moment of inertia of the pipe wall is directly proportional to its stiffnes.
  • The solid wall thickness to be incorporated in the profile will meet the requirements of the structural calculations of the pipe.
HDPE pipes with helical corrugated profile (PR)

HDPE pipes with internal structured profile (SQ)

HDPE pipes with internal structured profile (SQ) have the following main characteristics:

  • Lower wall (interior of the pipe) and another upper wall (exterior of the pipe) of variable thickness between 5 and 100 mm reinforced with continuous interior lightened sections, generating “sandwich” type profiles.
  • The square-shaped continuous lightened structures can have different diameters and have various heights (SQ1, SQ2, etc.)
  • These profiles provide greater inertia than the PR profiles with a range from 15,000 mm4/mm to 120,000 mm4/mm. They are therefore the most suitable for pipes that require very high stiffness and especially for large diameter pipes.
  • SQ pipe and fittings have smooth inside and outside surfaces.
HDPE pipes with internal structured profile (SQ)

HDPE pipes with special profiles (SP)

HDPE pipes with special profiles (SP) have the following main characteristics:

  • One or more SQ profiles reinforced with a PR profile. Used in those cases in which special rigidities are required.
  • The selection of the appropriate pipe profile is based on the structural calculation carried out according to the ATV-A127 standard.
  • The manufacturing range of pipes, accessories and special parts covers from an internal diameter of 800mm to an internal diameter of 4000mm.
  • The interior yellow colour can be considered in all pipes and accessories in order to facilitate their inspection once installed.
  • The standard (effective) length of the pipes is 6 m. Shorter lengths available on request.
  • Possibility of supplying factory-tested and welded pipes up to 12 m in length. 12m pipe supply speeds up installation.
HDPE pipes with special profiles (SP)

Available diameters (from 800mm to 4,000mm)

Our HDPE pipes are available from DINT 800mm to DINT 4,000mm.

  • 800
  • 900
  • 1.000
  • 1.200
  • 1.400
  • 1.500
  • 1.600
  • 1.800
  • 2.000
  • 2.200
  • 2.400
  • 2.600
  • 2.800
  • 3.000
  • 3.500
  • 4.000

Available diameters and capacities

Fittings and special parts for HDPE pipes

PPA&KRAH has a complete range of accessories and special pieces tailored to each project, both for land applications (PPA KPS) and for marine applications (PPA OUTFALL).

With the PPA&KRAH piping system, a homogeneous and watertight piping network is possible for any type of installation:

  • Elbows/Curves for any angle and radius of curvature.
  • Tees with reinforcements in the graft area.
  • Concentric and eccentric reductions.
  • Welded leads.
  • Flange holders / fixed flanges with loose flange in GRP or metal. Manufactured in one piece with a male or female end.
  • Diffusers.
  • Special pieces.
Flange holders
Portabridas + brida loca
Flange holder + loose flange
curva 30º
Curve 30º
Curva 45º
Curve 45º
Curva 90º
Curve 90º
Reducción Concéntrica
Concentric Reduction
Reducción Excéntrica
Eccentric Reduction
Te 45º
T 45º
Te 90º
T 90º
Te Reducida a 45º
T Reduced to 45º
Te Reducida a 90º
T Reduced to 90º

“Homogeneous and watertight pipes for any type of installation”

Soldadura de tubería PEAD por electrofisión
HDPE pipe welding by electrofusion
HDPE pipes DN/DI-2000 with different internal pressure
HDPE pipes DN/DI-2000 with different internal pressure
HDPE pipes DN/DI-2000 with different internal pressure
HDPE pipes DN/DI-2000 with different internal pressure
Man Holes
Man Holes
HDPE curve at 90º and manhole
HDPE curve at 90º and manhole

Manholes for HDPE pipes

PPA&KRAH offers the option of supplying manholes of any type made of PE100

Wells with socket-spigot ends and integrated Electro-Fusion welding are welded to the system as if it were another pipe.

Thanks to their low weight and their simple union system, they provide a solution to buried piping systems that is easy and quick to install.

The configuration of the manhole depends on the preferences of the Client. The adaptability of the system is maximum.

“We installed HDPE ladders welded to the walls of the well .”

Pozo de registro recto
Straight manhole
Escalera de PEAD soldada al pozo
HDPE ladder welded to the well
Access to the well
Access to the well
90º well assemblies (siphon)
90º well assemblies (siphon)
Well welded to pipe network
Well welded to pipe network